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About Brew It Boutique

Brew It Boutique is a family owned local Ottawa business.

We are Ottawa’s largest single serve coffee boutique, offering over 600 varieties of coffees, teas, cappuccinos, hot chocolates, ciders all for single serve machines. Our selections cover an array of k-cups, pods, t-discs for Tassimo, Nespresso compatible and Dulce Gusto discs.

In addition to the single serves, we offer bulk coffee and loose-leaf teas, flavored syrups (Torani) and cold beverages (Pop Shoppe).

We have cold beverage mixes, such as banana and berry smoothies, iced capps (flavoured), strawberry, daiquiri, margarita and pina colada cocktails and a good selection of coffee brewers, including all the accessory items for coffees and teas.

Being a local business, we believe in supporting other local businesses. Our commitment ensures that we will carry coffee, tea and other related products for you to try and enjoy.

Brew It Boutique provides a customized service for our commercial customers.

Brew It Boutique, our staff and our suppliers look forward to a bright future with you. Our commitment and innovative thinking will always ensure we provide our customers with many ‘firsts’ to the office coffee market. Reach out to us and see how we can make your office coffee experience a positive experience.

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NEW MODIFIED HOURS As of Monday –July 22, 2020


Monday 10 am – 5 pm
Tuesday 10 am – 5 pm
Wednesday 10 am – 5 pm
Thursday 10 am – 5 pm
Friday 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday 10 am – 5 pm



Brew It Boutique Coffee and Tea List

ItemBrandCategorySubcategory 1PRICE   
Adagio Caffe NapoliAdagioCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Adagio House blendAdagioCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Adagio House DecafAdagioCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Adagio Toscana BlendAdagioCoffeeK-Cup14.99
ADSB Chocolate Chip CookieAuthenic DonutCoffeeK-Cup15.99
ADSB DecaffeinatedAuthenic DonutCoffeeK-Cup15.99
ADSB Hot ChocolateAuthentic DonutHot ChocolateK-Cup15.99
ADSB Original DarkAuthenic DonutCoffeeK-Cup15.99
ADSB Original RoastAuthenic DonutCoffeeK-Cup15.99
ADSB Vanilla HazelnutAuthenic DonutCoffeeK-Cup15.99
ADSB Vanille Hazelnut (DECAF)Authenic DonutCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Baileys Caramel CappBailey'sCoffeeK-Cup11.99
Baileys French Vanilla CappBailey'sCoffeeK-Cup11.99
Baileys Irish Cream CappBailey'sCoffeeK-Cup11.99
Baileys Mint Mocha CappBailey'sCoffeeK-Cup11.99
Balzac's - Balzac's BlendBalzac'sCoffeeK-Cup17.49
Balzac's - Dark AffairBalzac'sCoffeeK-Cup17.49
Barista ColombiaBaristaCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Barista Decaf Italian Roast USBaristaCoffeeK-Cup27.99
Barista French RoastBaristaCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Barista House BlendBaristaCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Barista Italian RoastBaristaCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Barnie - SANTA'S WHITE CHRISTMASBarnie'sCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barnie's - BARNIE'S BLENDBarnie'sCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barnie's - Columbian fair tradeBarnie'sCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barnie's - Creamy Buttery CaramelBarnie'sCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barnie's - CREME BRULEEBarnie'sCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barnie's - Hawaiian Kona 22'sBarnie'sCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barnie's - Southern PecanBarnie'sCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barnies - Hawaiian HazelnutBarnie'sCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Breakfast BlendBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Caramel MacchiatoBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Colombia Huila ReserveBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Dark MysteryBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Decaf ClassicBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Donut ShopBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Espresso Roast BlendBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - French RoastBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - French VanillaBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Hawaiian Kona HapaBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - House Blend Extra BoldBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Italian RoastBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Jammin JamacianBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Martha's Blend 22BarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Barrie House - Martha's Blend DECAF 22BarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Barrie House - Martha's Espresso 22BarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Barrie House - Milk Chocolate HCBarrieHouseHot ChocolateK-Cup21.99
Barrie House - Mocha LatteBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Barrie House - Pumpkin Spice PieBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Salted Caramel H.C.BarrieHouseHot ChocolateK-Cuptemp out
Barrie House - Spiced Chai LatteBarrieHouseTeaK-Cup21.99
Barrie House - Sumatra KopiBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Ultimate HazelnutBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Barrie House - Variety Pack 24sBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Barrie House - White H.C.BarrieHouseHot ChocolateK-Cup21.99
Barrie House - Winter Variety PackBarrieHouseCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - 100% Cuban 25sBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cuptemp out
Beaver Rock - 100% KONA 12sBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cuptemp out
Beaver Rock - 100% KONA 25sBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cupseasonal out
Beaver Rock - Black CherryBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Black Cherry DecafBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Beaver Rock - Breakfast BlendBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Cinnamon DanishBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Cinnamon Danish DecafBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Beaver Rock - Costa RicaBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup19.99
Beaver Rock - Creme BruleeBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Creme Brulee DecafBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Beaver Rock - Dark DecafBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Dark RoastBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - EthiopianBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Beaver Rock - European EspressoBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - French RoastBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - GuatemalanBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Beaver Rock - HouseBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - IntenseBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Jamaican Blue (12)Beaver RockCoffeeK-Cup39.99
Beaver Rock - Jamaican Blue 25sBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup78.99
Beaver Rock - Kenya AABeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup19.99
Beaver Rock - Koffee CrispBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Koffee Crisp DecafBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Beaver Rock - Medium RoastBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Mild DecafBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Morning RushBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Orange Pekoe TeaBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Beaver Rock - Peruvian Special ReserveBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Beaver Rock - Peruvian Special ReserveBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Beaver Rock - Raspberry Tarfulo DecafBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Beaver Rock - Raspberry TartufoBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Sumatran 25sBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup18.99
Beaver Rock - Toasted CoconutBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Toasted Coconut DecafBeaver RockCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Bigelow - Earl Grey TeaBigelowTeaK-Cup17.99
Bigelow - English BreakfastBigelowTeaK-Cup17.99
Bigelow - Green TeaBigelowTeaK-Cup17.99
Bigelow English BreakfastBigelowTeaK-Cup17.99
Bobby The Coffee Guy - DarkBobby The Coffee GuyCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Bobby The Coffee Guy - Decaf DarkBobby The Coffee GuyCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Bobby The Coffee Guy - ItalianBobby The Coffee GuyCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Bobby The Coffee Guy - LightBobby The Coffee GuyCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Bobby The Coffee Guy - Maui MacadamianBobby The Coffee GuyCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Bobby The Coffee Guy - MediumBobby The Coffee GuyCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Boston - Breakfast BlendBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - Chocolate RaspberryBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - Colombian BlendBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - Definitely DarkBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - Donut Shop BlendBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - French RoastBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - French VanillaBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - Hazelnut CremeBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - Jamaican Me CrazyBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - Pumpkin SpiceBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Boston - Vanilla HazelnutBoston's BestCoffeeK-Cup6.99
Brooklyn - Black & White CookieBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Boardwalk BlendBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Breakfast BlendBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Breakfast DecafBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - BridgeBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Campfire H.C.Brooklyn BeanHot ChocolateK-Cup17.49
Brooklyn - Cherry CheesecakeBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Cinnamon SubwayBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - ColombianBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Coney Isand CaramelBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Corner Donut ShopBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - CycloneBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Express-OBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - French RoastBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - FudgedaboutitBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Gingerbread ManBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - HazelnutBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Junior Mints H.C.Brooklyn BeanHot ChocolateK-Cup19.49
Brooklyn - Maple SleighBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Mexican H.C.Brooklyn BeanHot ChocolateK-Cup17.49
Brooklyn - Milk Chocolate H/CBrooklyn BeanHot ChocolateK-Cup17.49
Brooklyn - Oh FudgeBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Peanut Butter Cup H.C.Brooklyn BeanHot ChocolateK-Cup17.49
Brooklyn - Red Velvet CupcakeBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brooklyn - Tootsie Roll Hot ChocoBrooklyn BeanHot ChocolateK-Cup19.49
Brooklyn - Vanilla SkylineBrooklyn BeanCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Brown Gold ColombianBrown GoldCoffeeK-Cup17.49
Brown Gold Costa RicanBrown GoldCoffeeK-Cup17.49
Brown Gold KenyanBrown GoldCoffeeK-Cup17.49
Brown Gold PeruvianBrown GoldCoffeeK-Cup17.49
Cafe Escape - Dark Chocola H.C. USCafe EscapesHot ChocolateK-Cup31.99
Cafe Escape - Mocha H.C. USCafe EscapesHot ChocolateK-Cup31.99
Cafe Escapes - Cafe Caramel USCafe EscapesCoffeeK-Cup31.99
Cafe Escapes - Cafe Vanilla USCafe EscapesCoffeeK-Cup31.99
Cafe Escapes - Chai Latte USCafe EscapesTeaK-Cup31.99
Cafe Escapes - MILK CHOC USCafe EscapesHot ChocolateK-Cup29.99
Cake Boss - Bada Boom ItalianCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Buddy's BlendCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Chocolate CannoliCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Chocolate Fudge CakeCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Dulce de LecheCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Dulce de Leche DecafCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Hazelnut BiscottiCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Italian Rum CakeCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Raspberry TruffleCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cake Boss - Vanilla ButtercreamCake BossCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Cameron - Highlander GrogCameron'sCoffeeK-Cup8.99
Cameron - Jamacia Blue MountainCameron'sCoffeeK-Cup9.99
Cameron - KonaCameron'sCoffeeK-Cup9.99
Cameron - Pumpkin SpiceCameron'sCoffeeK-Cup9.99
Cameron - Pumpkin SpiceCameron'sCoffeeK-Cup9.99
Cameron - white Chocolate PeppermintCameron'sCoffeeK-Cup9.99
Cameron -White Chocolate PeppermintCameron'sCoffeeK-Cup9.99
Caribou - Blend USCaribouCoffeeK-Cup28.99
Caribou - Daybreak USCaribouCoffeeK-Cup28.99
Caribou - Mahogany USCaribouCoffeeK-Cup28.99
Celestial - English Breakfast USCelestialTeaK-Cup25.99
Celestial - Green Tea USCelestialTeaK-Cup25.99
Celestial - Green Tea Decaf USCelestialTeaK-Cup25.99
Celestial - India Spice USCelestialTeaK-Cup25.99
Celestial - Lemon Zinger USCelestialTeaK-Cup25.99
Celestial - Mandarin Orange Spice USCelestialTeaK-Cup25.99
Celestial - Sleepytime USCelestialTeaK-Cup25.99
Charleston Chew - Chocolate Nougat Hot ChocolateCharleston ChewHot ChocolateK-Cup17.99
Charleston Chew - Strawberry Nougat Hot ChocolateCharleston ChewHot ChocolateK-Cup17.99
Charleston Chew - Vanilla Nougat Hot ChocolateCharleston ChewHot ChocolateK-Cup17.99
Club Coffee - Breakfast Supreme 20Club CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
Club Coffee - Colombian 20Club CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
Club Coffee - Imperial Blend 20Club CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
Club Coffee - Inca Trail 20Club CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
Club Coffee - Swiss Water Decaf 20Club CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
Club Coffee - Venetian Reserve 20Club CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
Coffee People - Coconut Mocha USCoffee PeopleCoffeeK-Cup28.99
Coffee People - Donut ShopCoffee PeopleCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Coffee People - Donut Shop Decaf USCoffee PeopleCoffeeK-Cup28.99
Crazy Cups - Black Berry Bliss 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup26.99
Crazy Cups - Caffeinated Bold 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup26.99
Crazy Cups - Chocolate Peanut Butter 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup26.99
Crazy Cups - Cinnamon Churro 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup26.99
Crazy Cups - Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup26.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Apple A La Mode 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup25.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Bananas Foster Flambe USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup25.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Chocolate Coconut Dream 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup25.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Crazy Jamaican Java 22 USCrazy CupscoffeeK-Cup25.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Death by Chocolate USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup25.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Frosted Oatmeal Cookie 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup25.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Peppermint Chocolate Mocha 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup26.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Pumpkin Vanilla 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup25.99
Crazy Cups Decaf - Raspberry Chocolate Truffle 22 USCrazy CupsCoffeeK-Cup25.99
ECS - Butter Toffee DecafECSCoffeeK-Cup16.99
ECS - Chocolate Cookie CrunchECSCoffeeK-Cup16.99
ECS - Coconut CaramelECSCoffeeK-Cup16.99
ECS - Sniker DoodleECSCoffeeK-Cup16.99
ECS - Winter WonderlandECSCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Eight O'Clock - Italian 24s USEight O'ClockCoffeeK-Cuptemp out
Eight O'Clock - Original 24s USEight O'ClockCoffeeK-Cup29.99
Folgers - 1850 Midnight GoldFolgersCoffeeK-Cup22.99
Folgers - 1850 Pioneer BlendFolgersCoffeeK-Cup22.99
Folgers - Black SilkFolgersCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Folgers - Caramel DrizzleFolgersCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Folgers - ClassicFolgersCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Folgers - Lively ColombianFolgersCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Folgers - Vanilla BiscottiFolgersCoffeeK-Cup20.99
Freedom Ridge - French Kiss 70sFreedomCoffeeK-Cup47.99
Freedom Ridge - Sunrise 70sFreedomCoffeeK-Cup47.99
Freedom Ridge - Wilderness 70sFreedomCoffeeK-Cup47.99
GJ - Butter Toffee USGloria JeanCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GJ - French Vanilla USGloria JeanCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GJ - Hazelnut USGloria JeanCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Apple CiderGreen MountainCiderK-Cup21.99
GM - Breakfast Blend USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Breakfast Decaf USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Caramel Vanilla CreamGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Cinnabon Roll USCinnabonCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Colombian Fair Trade USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Dark MagicGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Dark Magic DECAF USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Donut House DECAF USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Donut House LightGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Double Black Diamond USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - French Roast USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - French Vanilla DecafGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - French Vanilla USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Half-Caff DecafGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Hazelnut Decaf USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Hazelnut USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Island CoconutGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Kenyan AAGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Laura Secord H/CGreen MountainHot ChocolateK-Cup21.99
GM - Laura Secord MintGreen MountainHot ChocolateK-Cup21.99
GM - Laura Secord Vanilla Cream Hot ChocGreen MountainHot ChocolateK-Cup21.99
GM - NantucketGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Newmans Decaf 12sGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup9.99
GM - Newmans Special 12sGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup9.99
GM - Our BlendGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Revv After BurnerGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup23.49
GM - Revv No Surrender USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Revv Turbo ChargerGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup23.49
GM - Southern Pecan USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Sumatran Reserve USGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup28.99
GM - Vermont CountryGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Vermont Country Blend DECAFGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
GM - Wild Mountain BlueberryGreen MountainCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Grove Sq - Spiced Apple CiderGrove SquareCiderK-Cup13.99
Grove Sq - Caramel CappGrove SquareHot ChocolateK-Cup13.99
Grove Sq - Chai LatteGrove SquareTeaK-Cup13.99
Grove Sq - Creamy H.C.Grove SquareHot ChocolateK-Cup13.99
Grove Sq - French Vanilla CappGrove SquareHot ChocolateK-Cup13.99
Grove Sq - Hazelnut CappGrove SquareHot ChocolateK-Cup13.99
Grove Sq - Mint Chocolate H.C.Grove SquareHot ChocolateK-Cup13.99
Grove Sq - Pumpkin Spice Capp.Grove SquareHot ChocolateK-Cup13.99
Grove Sq - Salted CaramelGrove SquareHot ChocolateK-Cup13.99
Gui Fieri - Hazelnut CinnamonGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Guy Fieri - American DinerGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Guy Fieri - Banana FosterGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Guy Fieri - Caramel Apple PuddinGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Guy Fieri - Chocolate MintGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Guy Fieri - Hot FudgeGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Guy Fieri - RedwoodGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Guy Fieri - Unleaded DecafGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Guy Fieri - West CoastGuy FieriCoffeeK-Cup16.99
H&B Bountiful GreenHiggins & BurkeTeaK-Cup16.99
H&B Chai Tea GlowHiggins & BurkeTeaK-Cup16.99
H&B Chamomint Moon HerbalHiggins & BurkeTeaK-Cup16.99
H&B English BreakfastHiggins & BurkeTeaK-Cup16.99
H&B Green TeaHiggins & BurkeTeaK-Cup16.99
H&B Lush Berry HerbalHiggins & BurkeTeaK-Cup16.99
H&B RC Orange Pekoe TeaHiggins & BurkeTeaK-Cup16.99
H&B Roaring Black TeaHiggins & BurkeTeaK-Cup16.99
Hamiltion Mills - HeritageHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton Mills - Cape Cod RoastHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton Mills - Golden MapleHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton Mills - HouseHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton Mills - Mocha SwirlHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton MIlls - Morning RoastHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton MIlls - Morning Roast DecafHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton Mills - Pumpkin SpiceHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton Mills - Toasted CinnamonHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton Mills - Vanilla BeanHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hamilton Mills - Wild RaspberryHamilton MillsCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Hurricane - Butter Toffee TsunamiHurricaneCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Hurricane - Cape Verde (Decaf)HurricaneCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Hurricane - Category 5HurricaneCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Hurricane - Coconut Fudge TyphoonHurricaneCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Hurricane - Colombia El NinoHurricaneCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Hurricane - Cuba 1910HurricaneCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Hurricane - Nor'EasterHurricaneCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Hurricane - Volcanic SumatraHurricaneCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Illy - Dark Roast 10sIllyCoffeeK-Cup16.95
Illy - Medium Roast 10sIllyCoffeeK-Cup16.95
Java Factory - Blueberry Shortcake 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Choconut 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Da Bomb 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Dark & Handsome 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Flyin' Hawaiian 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Jingle Java 24sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Nagalia 24sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Sinful Cinnamon 24sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Smooth Caffeinator 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Spring Break 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Trick & Treat 24sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Vanilla Dream 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Java Factory - Wakey Wakey 24'sJava FactoryCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Jetseter - Red Eye 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Aloha 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Breakfast on Board 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Canadian Maple 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Classic Diner 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Destination Decaf 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Ethiopian 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Kenya 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Vanilla Bean There 24sJetsetterCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Jetsetter - Winter Whiteout 24sJetsetterHot ChocolateK-Cup14.99
Jumping Bean - Deep Water DarkJumping BeanCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Jumping Bean - East CoastJumping BeanCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Jumping Bean - LighthouseJumping BeanCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Jumping Bean - ScreechJumping BeanCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Koffee Korner - Banana Cream Pie 50sKoffeeeKornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - Butter Rum 50sKoffee KornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - Coconut Cream Pie 50sKoffeeeKornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - Cream of Earl Grey Tea 50sKoffee KornerTeaK-Cup32.99
Koffee Korner - Irish Cream 50sKoffee KornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - Maple Donut 50sKoffee KornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - Orange Pekoe Tea 50sKoffee KornerTeaK-Cup32.99
Koffee Korner - SWP Decaf Italian 50sKoffee KornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - SWP Decaf Mild 50sKoffee KornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - Vanilla Cupcake 50sKoffee KornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - Vanilla Hazelnut 50sKoffee KornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Koffee Korner - Winter Karnival 50sKoffee KornerCoffeeK-Cup34.99
Lavazza - ClassicoLavazzaCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Lavazza - Gran SelezioneLavazzaCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Marley - Buffalo SoldierMarleyCoffeeK-Cup19.49
Marley - Get Up, Stand UpMarleyCoffeeK-Cup19.49
Marley - Lively Up K-CupMarleyCoffeeK-Cup19.49
Marley - One Love K-CupMarleyCoffeeK-Cup19.49
Marley - Simmer Down DecafMarleyCoffeeK-Cup19.49
Martinson - BreakfastMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Caramel CremeMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Cayman CoconutMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - ColombianMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Martinson - Cup O CocoaMartinsonHot ChocolateK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Dark RoastMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Decaf ColombianMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Martinson - Donut Shop BlendMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - French RoastMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - French Vanilla LatteMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Hazelnut CremeMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - House BlendMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Irish CremeMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Joe's Italian RoastMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Joe's Kona BlendMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinson - Pumpkin PieMartinsonCoffeeK-CupSEASONAL out
Martinson - Vanilla VelvetMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
Martinsons - Jolt of JoeMartinsonCoffeeK-Cuplimited/disc
Martinsons - Texas PecanMartinsonCoffeeK-Cup15.99
McCafe 30's kcupsMcCafeCoffeeK-Cup32.99
McCafe K-Cups Decaf 30sMcCafeCoffeeK-Cup32.99
Nabob - Maxwell House 30sNabobCoffeeK-Cup23.99
Nabob Bold Full City Dark 30sNabobCoffeeK-Cup25.99
Nabob Columbian 30sNabobCoffeeK-Cup25.99
One Coffee - BreakfastOneCoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
One Coffee - ColombianOneCoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
One Coffee - Dark Roast DecafOneCoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
One Coffee - EthiopianOneCoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
One Coffee - French RoastOneCoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
One Coffee - Peruvian DarkOneCoffeeCoffeeK-Cup12.99
One Coffee - SumatranOneCoffeeCoffeeK-Cup14.99
Peetes - Major Dickason 10 pkPeet'sCoffeeK-Cup10.99
Peets - Cafe Domingo 10pkPeet'sCoffeeK-Cup10.99
Peets - French Roast 10pkPeet'sCoffeeK-Cup10.99
Peets - House Blend 10pkPeet'sCoffeeK-Cup10.99
Peets - House Blend Decaf 10pkPeet'sCoffeeK-Cup10.99
PROSPECT - Chamomile ChillProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
PROSPECT - Duke of Earl GreyProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
PROSPECT - Golden DragonProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
PROSPECT - Graffiti BurstProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
PROSPECT - Green PowerProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
PROSPECT - HimalayanProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
PROSPECT - Lemon TaxiProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
PROSPECT - Peppermint HeightsProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
PROSPECT - Vanilla ChaiProspectTeaK-Cup16.99
RC400Mother ParkerMachineK-Cup594.95
Red Rose Tea - Orange Pekoe 24sRed RoseTeaK-Cup22.49
Second Cup - Paradiso DarkSecond CupCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Second Cup - Paradiso MedSecond CupCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Skinny Girl - AmericanoSkinny GirlCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Skinny Girl - Half CalfSkinny GirlCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Starbucks - French RoastStarbucksCoffeeK-Cup24.99
Starbucks - Pike Place RoastStarbucksCoffeeK-Cup24.99
Starbucks - Pikes Place DecafStarbucksCoffeeK-Cup24.99
Starbucks - SumatraStarbucksCoffeeK-Cup24.99
Starbucks - True NorthStarbucksCoffeeK-Cup24.99
Starbucks - VeronaStarbucksCoffeeK-Cup24.99
Sugar Babies - Caramel Hot CocoaCharleston ChewHot ChocolateK-Cup17.99
Sun Cafe Pod Brewer - BloomfieldSun CafeMachineK-Cup279.99
Swiss Miss - Milk H.C. USSwiss MissHot ChocolateK-Cup31.99
Tetley - British Blend USTetleyTeaK-Cup25.99
Tetley - British Decaf USTetleyTeaK-Cup25.99
Tetley - GreenTetleyTeaK-Cup17.49
Tetley - Orange PekoeTetleyTeaK-Cup17.49
Tetley - PeppermintTetleyTeaK-Cup17.49
Tim Hortons - Bold 24sTim HortonCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tim Hortons - Columbian 24sTim HortonCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tim Hortons - Dark 24sTim HortonCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tim Hortons - Decaf 24sTim HortonCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tim Hortons - French Vanilla 24sTim HortonCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tim Hortons - Green Tea 12sTim HortonTeaK-Cup14.99
Tim Hortons - Hazelnut 24sTim HortonCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tim Hortons - Original 24sTim HortonCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tim Hortons - Steeped Tea 12sTim HortonTeaK-Cup14.99
Timothy's - Big Easy BoldTimothyCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Timothy's - Breakfast BlendTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Cafe MochaTimothyCoffeeK-Cup19.99
Timothy's - Chai LatteTimothyTeaK-Cup19.99
Timothy's - Chai TeaTimothyTeaK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Christimas Blend (Seasonal)TimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Cinnamon PastryTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Colombian DecafTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Colombian ExcelenciaTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Colombian La VeredaTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Cranberry Green TeaTimothyTeaK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Donut BlendTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Earl Grey TeaTimothyTeaK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Emeril's Jazzed Up DecafTimothyCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Timothy's - English Breakfast DECAFTimothyTeaK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - French RoastTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - French VanillaTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - French Vanilla LatteTimothyCoffeeK-Cup19.99
Timothy's - German Chocolate CakeTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - HazelnutTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Hazelnut DECAFTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Irish CreamTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Italian BlendTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - KahluaTimothyCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Timothy's - Lemon Blueberry TeaTimothyTeaK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Midnight MagicTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Mocha JavaTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - NicaraguanTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Parisian NightsTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Pumpkin SpiceTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Rainforest EspressoTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Sugar Bush MapleTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Timothy's - Toasted CoconutTimothyCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Timothy's - Winter CarnivalTimothyCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Torani Coffee - Coconut MacaroonTorani CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Torani Coffee - French VanillaTorani CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Torani Coffee - ItalianTorani CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Torani Coffee - Salted CaramelTorani CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Torani Coffee - Toasted HazelnutTorani CoffeeCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Tully's - Breakfast Blend USTully'sCoffeeK-Cup28.99
Tully's - French RoastTully'sCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tully's - French Roast DECAFTully'sCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Tully's - Hawaiian Blend USTully'sCoffeeK-Cup28.99
Tully's - House Blend DECAF USTully'sCoffeeK-CupDISC/ temp
Tully's - House Blend USTully'sCoffeeK-Cup28.99
Tully's - Italian RoastTully'sCoffeeK-Cup21.99
Twinings - ChaiTwiningsTeaK-Cup20.99
Twinings - Earl GreyTwiningsTeaK-Cup20.99
Twinings - English BreakfastTwiningsTeaK-Cup20.99
Twinings - English Breakfast DecafTwiningsTeaK-Cup20.99
Twinings - Green TeaTwiningsTeaK-Cup20.99
Twinings - Irish BreakfastTwiningsTeaK-Cup20.99
Twinings - Pure PeppermintTwiningsTeaK-Cup20.99
Twinings - Pure Rooibos RedTwiningsTeaK-Cuptemp out
VH - AmazoniaVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup21.99
VH - Breakfast BlendVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Butterscotch CaramelVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Chocolate Raspberry TruffleVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Colombian DarkVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Colombian MediumVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Costa RicaVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup21.99
VH - Creme BruleeVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - French RoastVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - French Roast DecafVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - French VanillaVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Holiday blendVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - HondurasVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup21.99
VH - House BlendVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - House DarkVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - MexicoVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup21.99
VH - Midnight ExpressVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Mocha JavaVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - NapoletanoVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Original House DecafVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Pecan PralineVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - SumatraVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup21.99
VH - SWP DecafVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Vanilla HazelnutVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
VH - Vanilla Hazelnut DecafVan HoutteCoffeeK-Cup17.99
Victor Allen - Blackberry CobblerVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cuptemp out
Victor Allen - Blueberry ShortcakeVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cup7.99
Victor Allen - Chocolate Peanut ButterVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cup7.99
Victor Allen - Milk Choc CocoaVictor AllenHot ChocolateK-Cup7.99
Victor Allen - Salted CaramelVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cup7.99
Victor Allen - Toasted CoconutVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cuptemp out
Victor Allen -Choclate HazelnutVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cup7.99
Victor Allen Capp - French VanillaVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cup7.99
Victor Allen Capp - Sweet & SaltyVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cup7.99
Victor Allen Capp - White Chocolate CaramelVictor AllenCoffeeK-Cup7.99
Welch's - Cinnamon Apple CiderWelch'sJuiceK-Cup13.99
Welch's - Strawberry Apple CiderWelch'sJuiceK-Cup13.99
Welchs - Peach AppleWelch'sJuiceK-Cupdisc low
WGP After Dark DecafWolf Gang PuckCoffeeK-Cup17.99
WGP Breakfast in BedWolf Gang PuckCoffeeK-Cup16.99
WGP Go BoldWolf Gang PuckCoffeeK-Cup16.99
WGP Hawaiian HazelnutWolf Gang PuckCoffeeK-Cup16.99
WGP Jamaica Me CrazyWolf Gang PuckCoffeeK-Cup16.99
WGP RodeoWolf Gang PuckCoffeeK-Cup16.99
WGP Vanilla French toastWolf Gang PuckCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Wicked DarkWicked AwesomeCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Wicked DecafWicked AwesomeCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Wicked Donut ShopWicked AwesomeCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Wicked French VanillaWicked AwesomeCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Wicked Good MorningWicked AwesomeCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Wicked Hazelnut CremeWicked AwesomeCoffeeK-Cup13.99
Zavida - Apple PieZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Bavarian ChocolateZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Bistro Broth VeggieZavidaSoupK-Cup16.99
Zavida - BrazilianZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - BreakfastZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Canadian MapleZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Charles Private StockZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Coconut DelightZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - ColombianZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Costa RicanZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Creme BruleeZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Donut ShopZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - English ToffeeZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - French RoastZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - French VanillaZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - GuatemalanZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Hazelnut VanillaZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - Irish CreamZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - KenyaZavidaCoffeeK-Cup19.99
Zavida - OrganicaZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - PeruZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida - RwandaZavidaCoffeeK-Cup19.99
Zavida - Swiss Water DecafZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida -SumatraZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Zavida- Organic DarkZavidaCoffeeK-Cup16.99
Beaver Rock - Black Cherry Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Breakfast Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans16.99
Beaver Rock - Breakfast Blend Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Canadian Maple Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Cinnamon Danish Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Cinnamon Spice Butter Rum Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Costa Rica Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - Costa Rican Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans17.99
Beaver Rock - Creme Brulee Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Cuban Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeanstemp out
Beaver Rock - Cuban Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeansseasonal
Beaver Rock - Dark Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans16.99
Beaver Rock - Dark Roast Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - DECAF Black Cherry Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Canadian Maple Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Cinnamon Danish Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Cinnamon Spice Butter Rum Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Creme Brulee Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Dark Beans 16oz/1lbBeaver RockCoffeeBeans16.99
Beaver Rock - DECAF Dark Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Hazelnut Vanilla Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Irish Cream Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Koffee Crisp Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Mild 16oz/1lbBeaver RockCoffeeBeans17.99
Beaver Rock - DECAF Mild Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Raspberry Tartufo Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - DECAF Toasted Coconut Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - Espresso Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans16.99
Beaver Rock - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans14.99
Beaver Rock - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Beans 1lbBeaver RockCoffeeBeans23.99
Beaver Rock - Ethiopian-Shecha (8 oz)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans13.99
Beaver Rock - European Espresso Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - French Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans16.99
Beaver Rock - French Roast Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Guatemalan Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans17.99
Beaver Rock - Guatemalan Special Reserve Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - House Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans16.99
Beaver Rock - House Blend Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Intense Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans16.99
Beaver Rock - Irish Cream Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Jamaican Blue Beans 16oz/1lbBeaver RockCoffeeBeans129.99
Beaver Rock - Jamaican Blue Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans69.99
Beaver Rock - Kaap Iglu (8 oz)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans13.99
Beaver Rock - Kaap Inukhuk (8 oz)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans13.99
Beaver Rock - Kaap Qajaq (8 oz)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans13.99
Beaver Rock - Kenyan AA Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans14.99
Beaver Rock - Koffee Crisp Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Morning Rush Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans16.99
Beaver Rock - Morning Rush Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Organic Dark Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans17.99
Beaver Rock - Organic Dark Roast Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - Organic Medium Roast Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans12.49
Beaver Rock - Papua New Guinea 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans14.99
Beaver Rock - Peruvian Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Peruvian Beans Vasquez 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans13.99
Beaver Rock - Raspberry Tartufo Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Sumatra Beans (1 lb)Beaver RockCoffeeBeans23.99
Beaver Rock - Sumatran 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans14.99
Beaver Rock - Toasted Coconut Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Beaver Rock - Vanilla Hazelnut Beans 8ozBeaver RockCoffeeBeans11.99
Engine House - Still Standing 16 ozEngine HouseCoffeeBeans21.99
Engine House - Dark & Stormy 16 ozEngine HouseCoffeeBeans21.99
Engine House - Locomotion 16 ozEngine HouseCoffeeBeans21.99
Engine House - Midnight Espress 16 ozEngine HouseCoffeeBeans21.99
Engine House - Off the Tracks 16 ozEngine HouseCoffeeBeans21.99
Engine House - Roasters Choice Dark 16 ozEngine HouseCoffeeBeans21.99
Engine House - Sleeper Car Decaf 16 ozEngine HouseCoffeeBeans21.99
Equator - Algonquin Dark BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Equator - Bee's Knees BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Equator - Freakin' Good Coffee Med BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Equator - Guatemalan BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans27.99
Equator - Harvest Roast BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Equator - J.O.M.O. Decaf BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans17.99
Equator - Mufferaw Jo! BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Equator - North Star Espresso BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Equator - Nth Degree Dark BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Equator - Sweet Justice Light 12ozEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Equator - Winter Seasonal BeansEquatorCoffeeBeans16.99
Faema Intenso Beans (1 kg)FaemaCoffeeBeans23.99
Faema Senza Decaf Beans (1 kg)FaemaCoffeeBeans29.99
Faema Tradizionale Beans (1 kg)FaemaCoffeeBeans25.99
Italfoods - Espresso Beans 1kgItalfoodsCoffeeBeans15.99
Lavazza - Dek Decaffe Beans 500grLavazzaCoffeeBeans21.99
Lavazza - Espresso Top Class Beans 1 kgLavazzaCoffeeBeans41.99
Lavazza - Rossa Beans 1 kgLavazzaCoffeeBeans21.99
Lavazza - Super Crema Beans 1 kgLavazzaCoffeeBeans37.99
Lavazza Rivo - Gran EspressoLavazzaCoffeeBeans27.99
Luwak Kopi Beans 8ozLuwak KopiCoffeeBeans99.99
Mike Oro (1 kg) BeansOroCoffeeBeans25.99
Origin 1668 - Ethiopian 8.8oz BeansOrigin 1668CoffeeBeans24.99
Origin 1668 - Guatamalan 8.8oz BeansOrigin 1668CoffeeBeans24.99
Origin 1668 - Nicaraguan 8.8oz BeansOrigin 1668CoffeeBeans24.99
Origin 1668 - Sumatra 8.8oz BeansOrigin 1668CoffeeBeans24.99
Pelican Rouge Barrista 1kgPelican RougeCoffeeBeans22.99
Pelican Rouge Cafe Creme 1kgPelican RougeCoffeeBeans26.99
Pelican Rouge Distinto 1kgPelican RougeCoffeeBeans19.99
Pelican Rouge Scala 1kgPelican RougeCoffeeBeans27.99
RI - Sumatra Ketambe Beans 12ozReunion IslandCoffeeBeans11.69
RI - Bullet Espresso 2lbReunion IslandCoffeeBeans21.99
RI - Bullet Espresso Beans 12 ozReunion IslandCoffeeBeans9.99
RI - Colombian Las Hermosas 2lbReunion IslandCoffeeBeans19.79
RI - Empire French Beans 12ozReunion IslandCoffeeBeans10.49
RI - Firefly Decaf 2lbReunion IslandCoffeeBeans23.99
RI - Firefly SWP Decaf Beans 12 ozReunion IslandCoffeeBeans10.99
RI - Privateer 2lbReunion IslandCoffeeBeans22.49
RI - Privateer Beans 12ozReunion IslandCoffeeBeans11.99
Segafredo Cafesenza Decaf Beans (1 kg)SegfredoCoffeeBeans39.99
Segafredo Casa Beans (500 g)SegafredoCoffeeBeans19.99
Segafredo Extra Strong Beans (1 kg)SegafredoCoffeeBeans37.99
Trucillo - Expresso 500grTrucilloCoffeeBeans16.99
Trucillo - Gran Bar Beans (1 kg)TrucilloCoffeeBeans31.99
Trucillo - Gran Caffee Beans (1 kg)TrucilloCoffeeBeans34.99
Trucillo - 100% Arabica (1 kg)TrucilloCoffeeBeans38.99
Zavida - 100% Colombian Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Amaretto Almond Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Bavarian Chocolate Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Bavarian Chocolate Decaf Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Brazilian Santos 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Breakfast Blend Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Butter Pecan Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Canadian Maple Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Caramel Royale Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Colombian Dark Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Columbian Supremo Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Costa Rican Cilo Alto Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Creme Brulee Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - English Toffee Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - European Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - French Vanilla Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Golden Isle Sumatra Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Guatemalan Classic Maya Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Hazelnut Vanilla Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Hazelnut Vanilla Decaf Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans11.99
Zavida - Irish cream Decaf Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Irish Creme Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Jamaican Rum Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Kenya AA Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans11.99
Zavida - Kona Blend Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans11.99
Zavida - Organica Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans13.49
Zavida - Peaches and Cream Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10..99
Zavida - Premium French Roast Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Raspberry Chocolate Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - Signature Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida - SWP Decaf Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Zavida -Organica Espresso Beans 12 ozZavidaCoffeeBeans14.99
Zavida- Pumpkin Spice Beans 12ozZavidaCoffeeBeans10.99
Bigelow - Apple Cider - 20ctBigelowTeaBags4.99
Bigelow - Apple Cranberry - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Chinese Oolong - 20ctBigelowTeaBags4.99
Bigelow - Cinnamon Apple - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Earl Grey - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - English Breakfast - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Ginger Snappish - 20ctBigelowTeaBags4.99
Bigelow - Green Decaf - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Green Lemon - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Green Pom - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Green with Mint - 20ctBigelowTeaBags4.99
Bigelow - I Love Lemon - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Lemon Lift - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Lemon Lift - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Mint Medley - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Orange Spice - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Organic Chamomile Citrus - 20ctBigelowTeaBags4.99
Bigelow - Peppermint - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Peppermint Bark - 20ctBigelowTeaBags4.99
Bigelow - Plantation Mint - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Raspberry Royale - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Chai - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Chamomile Citrus - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Dandlion & Peach - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Earl Grey - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep English Breakfast - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Green Pom - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Lemon Ginger - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Mint - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Oolong & Jasmine - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Pure Green - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Pure Green Decaf - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Rooibos - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Steep Sweet Cinnamon - 20ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Sweet Dreams - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - Vanilla Chai - 20ctBigelowTeaBags4.99
Bigelow - Vanilla Chai - 28ctBigelowTeaBags5.89
Bigelow - White Chocolate Obsession - 20 ctBigelowTeaBags4.99
H&B Berry Vines BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Cardamom Chai BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Countryside Cranberry BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Decaf Orange Pekoe BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Earl Grey Grove BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B English Breakfast BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Forest Valley GreenHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Forest Valley Green Decaf BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Orange Pekoe BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Peppermint BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Sunkissed GingerHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Sweet Lemon Zest BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
H&B Wild Chamomile BagsHiggins & BurkeTeaBags5.39
Numi - Moroccan MintNumiTeaBags9.99
Numi - Aged Earl GreyNumiTeaBags9.99
Numi - Breakfast BlendNumiTeaBags9.99
Numi - Chamomile LemonNumiTeaBags9.99
Numi - Ginger Lemon DecafNumiTeaBags9.99
Numi - Gunpowder GreenNumiTeaBags9.99
Numi - Jasmine GreenNumiTeaBags9.99
Numi - Rooibos ChaiNumiTeaBags9.99
Tazo - AwakeTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - Calm ChamomileTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - Chai DecafTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - Chai OrganicTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - China Green TipsTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - Earl GreyTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - Green GingerTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - PassionTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - Refresh MintTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - Wild Sweet OrangeTazoTeaBags8.59
Tazo - ZenTazoTeaBags8.59
Teavers - ChaiTeaversTeaBags5.49
Teavers - ChamomileTeaversTeaBags5.49
Teavers - Earl GreyTeaversTeaBags5.49
Teavers - English BreakfastTeaversTeaBags5.49
Teavers - GreenTeaversTeaBags5.49
Teavers - Kashmir Saffron GreenTeaversTeaBags5.49
Teavers - LemongrassTeaversTeaBags5.49
Teavers - VanillaTeaversTeaBags5.49
Tetley - ChaiTetleyTeaBags5.99
Tetley - Earl GreyTetleyTeaBags5.99
Tetley - English BreakfastTetleyTeaBags5.99
Tetley - Green TeaTetleyTeaBags5.99
Tetley - Lemon GingerTetleyTeaBags5.99
Tetley - Orange Pekoe DecafTetleyTeaBags5.99
Tetley - Pure ChamomileTetleyTeaBags5.99
Tetley - Pure PeppermintTetleyTeaBags5.99
Belmio - Allegro 6BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Belmio - Delicato 5BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Belmio - Intenso 8BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Belmio - Intenso DECAF 8BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Belmio - Largo 8BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Belmio - Organic Oro 5BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable8.25
Belmio - Organic Verde 8BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable8.25
Belmio - Risoluto 9BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Belmio - Ristretto 10BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Belmio - Undici 11BelmioCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Caffesso - Aromatico 7CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Caramel 5CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Chocolate 5CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Colombian 12CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Decaffienato 4CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Ethopian Sidamo 10CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Forza Roma 10CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Forza Roma 60s 10CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable36.99
Caffesso - Intenso 12CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Intenso 60s 12CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable36.99
Caffesso - Italiano 10CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Lungo Forte 8CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Milano 9CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso - Milano 60s 9CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable36.99
Caffesso - Vanilla 5CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffesso Decaffeinato 4CaffessoCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.49
Caffitaly - Decisio 10CaffitalyCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Caffitaly - Soave 6CaffitalyCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Caffitaly -Vivace 8CaffitayCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Caffitaly - Deca 5CaffitalyCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Caffitaly - Robusto 10CaffitalyCoffeeNespresso Compatable7.99
Lavazza Armonico Espresso..Nesp 8LavazzaCoffeeNespresso Compatable8.49
Lavazza DECAF Rivo..Nesp 6LavazzaCoffeeNespresso Compatable8.49
Lavazza Decisio Espresso..Nesp 10LavazzaCoffeeNespresso Compatable8.49
Lavazza Lungo Avvogentle..Nesp 5LavazzaCoffeeNespresso Compatable8.49
Lavazza Lungo Leggero..Nesp 4LavazzaCoffeeNespresso Compatable8.49
Ecaffe - Armomioso 7Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - CioccolatoCaffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods8.99
Ecaffe - Corposo 9Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - Cremoso 5Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - DECAF Delicato 7Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - DECAF Intenso 8Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - Dizisio 7Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - Intenso 8Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - Kaapi Royale 10Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods9.49
Ecaffe - MocaccinoCaffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods8.99
Ecaffe - Morbido 6Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - Originale 5Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - Prezioso 6Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - Supremo 8Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Ecaffe - Vigoroso 10Caffitaly - EcaffeCoffeeEspresso Pods7.99
Davinci - GingerDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - AlmondDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - B-52DaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - BananaDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - BlackberryDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - Butter RumDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - ButterscotchDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - Egg NogDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - KiwiDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - Passion FruitDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - Peppermint PaddyDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - PineappleDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - RootbeerDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Classic - TiramisuDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet All Natural - Cinnamon BunDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet Classic - Coffee LiqueurDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet FI - LemonadeDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet FI - PomegranateDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet FI - RaspberryDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet SF - AlmondDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet SF - KahluaDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet SF - SweetenerDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free -Coffee LiqueurDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet Syrups - AmarettoDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet Syrups - Chocolate MintDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet Syrups - CinnamonDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet Syrups - GrapeDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet Syrups - KahluaDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Gourmet Syrups - Toasted MarshmallowDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - B-52DaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - BananaDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - BlueberryDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - Butter RumDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - ButterscotchDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - CherryDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - CinnamonDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - Cookie DoughDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - Creme De MentheDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - Dulce De LecheDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - Egg NogDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - GingerbreadDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - OrangeDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - PeachDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - PralineDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Splenda SF - Toasted MarshmallowDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Sweetener - HoneyDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
DaVinci Sweetener - MapleDaVinciSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Agave OrganicMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - AlmondMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Black CurrantMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - BlackberryMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Butter PecanMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - CinnamonMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Dark ChocolateMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Green MintMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - GrenadineMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - LavenderMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Passion FruitMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - PineappleMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - PistachioMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - PomegranateMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Pumpkin SpiceMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - RaspberryMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Swiss ChocolateMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - Toffee NutMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Monin - White PeachMoninSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Almond RocaToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - AmarettoToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - BlueberryToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Brown Sugar CinnamonToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Cane SugarToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Chai Tea SpiceToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - CherryToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Chocolate MilanoToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Classic CaramelToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Classic HazelnutToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - CoconutToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - English ToffeeToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - French VanillaToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - GingerbreadToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Irish CreamToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - LemonToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - LimeToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - MangoToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - MapleToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - OrangeToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - PeachToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - PeppermintToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Pumpkin PieToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Red RaspberryToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Ruby Red GrapefruitToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Salted CaramelToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - StrawberryToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Toasted MarshmallowToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - VanillaToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - Vanilla BeanToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - WatermelonToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani - White ChocolateToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Irish CreamToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Almond RocaToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Black CherryToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Brown Sugar CinnamonToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Choc Chip Cookie DoughToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - ChocolateToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Classic CaramelToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Classic HazelnutToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - CoconutToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - English ToffeeToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - French VanillaToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - PeppermintToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Pumpkin PieToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - RaspberryToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Salted CaramelToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - StrawberryToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - VanillaToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - Vanilla BeanToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Torani SF - White ChocolateToraniSyrupSyrup13.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Blueberry CoblerZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Bravarian ChocolateZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Caramel RoyaleZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Cinnamon BunZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Coconut DelightZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Creme BruleeZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup English ToffeeZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup French VanillaZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup HazelnutZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Hazelnut VanillaZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Irish CreamZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Pumpkin SpiceZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Raspberry ChocolateZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Zavida - MiniSyrup Snicker KickerZavidaSyrupMini Syrup19.99
Lavazza Rivo - ClassicoLavazzaCoffeePods22.99
Lavazza Rivo - DecafLavazzaCoffeePods22.99
Lavazza Rivo - DelicatoLavazzaCoffeePods22.99
Lavazza Rivo - IntensoLavazzaCoffeePods22.99
Muldoon-s - West Coast SignatureMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Columbian DecafMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Columbian SupremoMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Columbian Supremo FTOMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Costa RicaMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Donut ShopMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Flying ScotsmanMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - French RoastMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - French VanillaMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Gingerbread LatteMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - GuatamalanMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Hazelnut CafeMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - HighlandMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Irish Cream EmeraldMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Pumpkin SpiceMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Scottish Maple ShortbreadMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - Sumatra EstateMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
Muldoon's - SWP Decaf FTOMuldoon'sCoffeePods8.99
RI - Colombian Las HermosasReunion IslandCoffeePods8.99
WGP Breakfast in BedWolf Gang PuckCoffeePods9.99
WGP Chef's Reserve DecafWolf Gang PuckCoffeePods9.99
WGP EspressoWolf Gang PuckCoffeePods9.99
WGP Espresso ForzutoWolf Gang PuckCoffeePods9.99
WGP XB NoirWolf Gang PuckCoffeePods9.99
Chemex 10 cupChemexPour OverEquipment74.99
Chemex 3 cupChemexPour OverEquipment38.99
Chemex 6 cupChemexPour OverEquipment42.98
Chemex 8 cupChemexPour OverEquipment59.99
Cuisinart - DBG-650C - Grind & Brew 10-Cup Thermal CarafeCuisinartBrewerEquipment199.99
Cuisinart - EM-100C - Manual Espresso MakerCuisinartBrewerEquipment199.99
Cuisinart - SS-10C Premiun Single Serve BrewerCuisinartBrewerEquipment209.99
Cuisinart - SS-15C - K-Cup/Carafe Combo BrewerCuisinartBrewerEquipment235.99
Cuisinart - SS-6C - Single Serve BrewerCuisinartBrewerEquipment124.99
Jura - A1 BlackJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment1,199
Jura - D6 Piano BlackJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment1,550
Jura - E6 Platinum HouseholdJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment1,895
Jura - E8 ChromeJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment2,595
Jura - E8 Piano Black HouseholdJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment2,495
Jura - Ena 8 AluminumJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment2,895
Jura - GIGA 6 HouseholdJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment7,995
Jura - GIGA W3 ProfessionalJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment7,695
Jura - GIGA X8c ProfessionalJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment10,995
Jura - S8 Chrome HouseholdJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment2,999
Jura - S8 Moonlight SilverJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment2,899
Jura - WE8 Professional ChromeJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment3,395
Jura - X8 PlatinumJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment4,295
Jura - Z8 Aluminum HouseholdJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment5,295
Jura -Ena 8 white/black/redJuraEspresso BrewerEquipment2,295
Keurig K130KeurigBrewerEquipment115.99
Keurig K145 Office PRO Coffee MakerKeurigBrewerEquipment239.99
Keurig K15KeurigBrewerEquipment115.99
Keurig K150KeurigBrewerEquipment399.99
Keurig K150PKeurigBrewerEquipment479.99
Keurig K35 BrewerKeurigBrewerEquipment134.99
Chemex Filters - Circles 100'sChemexFilterAccessory15.99
Chemex Filters - Half Moon 100'sChemexFilterAccessory15.99
Chemex Filters - Natural Squares 100'sChemexFilterAccessory15.99
Chemex Filters - Prefolded Squares 100'sChemexFilterAccessory15.99
Crerar's Honey - Wooden SticksCrerar's HoneyHoneyAccessory2.25
DaVinci PumpDaVinciSyrupAccessory4.99
Dome Lids /sleeve 100DuraAccessory5.99
Jura - Claris Blue Filter CartridgeJuraAccessoryAccessory28.95
Jura - Claris ProSmart Filter (for Professional)JuraAccessoryAccessory79.95
Jura - Claris Smart Filter CartridgeJuraAccessoryAccessory28.95
Jura - Claris White Filter CartridgeJuraAccessoryAccessory28.95
Jura - Cleaning Tablets (25 pk)JuraAccessoryAccessory65
Jura - Cleaning Tablets (6 pk)JuraAccessoryAccessory24.95
Jura - Cool Control Basic (1 Litre)JuraAccessoryAccessory395
Jura - Cool Control Basic (600 mL)JuraAccessoryAccessory285
Jura - Descaling Tablets (3 pk)JuraAccessoryAccessory32.95
Jura - Glass Milk Container 0.5LJuraAccessoryAccessory59.95
Jura - Hot Cup WarmerJuraAccessoryAccessory450
Jura - Milk FortherJuraAccessoryAccessory120
Jura - Milk FrotherJuraAccessoryAccessory165
Jura - Milk System Cleaner (1000 mL)JuraAccessoryAccessory49
Jura - Milk System Cleaner (250 mL)JuraAccessoryAccessory21.95
Paper Cups 10oz / sleeve of 50DuraAccessory5.99
Paper Cups 12oz / sleeve of 50DuraAccessory6.99
Biscotti - Almond Dark ChocBiscottiCookiesCookies3.25
Biscotti - Chocolate Peppermint CrushBiscottiCookiesCookies3.25
Biscotti - Cookies and CreamBiscottiCookiesCookies3.25
Biscotti - English ToffeeBiscottiCookiesCookies3.25
Biscotti - GrasshopperBiscottiCookiesCookies3.25
Biscotti - Hazelnut ZebraBiscottiCookiesCookies3.25
Biscotti - Java BeanBiscottiCookiesCookies3.25
Biscotti - Lemon AlmondBiscottiCookiesCookies3.25
My Pure Juice - Apple Juice 100%My Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
My Pure Juice - Cranberry CocktailMy Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
My Pure Juice - Fruit PunchMy Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
My Pure Juice - Grape JuiceMy Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
My Pure Juice - Lime JuiceMy Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
My Pure Juice - Orange JuiceMy Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
My Pure Juice - Peach WatermelonMy Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
My Pure Juice - Pineapple Juice 100%My Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
My Pure Juice - Ruby Red GrapefruitMy Pure JuiceJuiceBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - Black CherryPop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - Bubble GumPop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - ColaPop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - Cotton CandyPop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - Cream SodaPop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - GrapePop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - Lime RickyPop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - OrangePop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - PineapplePop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Pop Shoppe - Root BeerPop ShoppeDrinkBottle2.35
Crerar's Honey - (Bear) White Creamed 375gCrerar's HoneyHoneyHoney6.99
Crerar's Honey - Butter 250gCrerar's HoneyHoneyHoney5.49
Crerar's Honey - Butter 500gCrerar's HoneyHoneyHoney9.49
Crerar's Honey - Dark 500gCrerar's HoneyHoneyHoney11.99
Crerar's Honey - Golden 500gCrerar's HoneyHoneyHoney7.49
Crerar's Honey - White 500gCrerar's HoneyHoneyHoney7.49
Crerar's Honey - White Creamed 500gCrerar's HoneyHoneyHoney7.49
Trucillo - Decaf 500gTrucilloCoffeeGround20.49
Tea Squared - Sencha FujiamaTea SquaredTeaLoose Leaf


420 Hazeldean Road, unit # 3

(613) 591-5287


Monday   10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday  10::00 am – 500 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday  10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


250 Centrum Blvd, unit # 110

(613) 824-8080


Monday   10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday  10::00 am – 500 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday  10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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